Orange County Villa
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What is the maximum number of people allowed in the villa ?
  We allow a maximum of 12 People (+1 Infant) into the villa.

Is smoking allowed?
  We do not allow smoking inside the villa, We do however allow smoking out on the Pool Deck.

Are we allowed to bring any sort of pets?
  No pets are allowed on the villa grounds.

Which direction does the pool face?

Does the pool back on to other properties/walls etc.?

How do we locate/enter the property?
  Please refer to the Site Map.

Will we have to bring any accessories such as bed linen/towels etc.?
  No, all accessories are provided for you.

Do you have any facilities for small children?

Is the pool heated?
  Yes (See Booking Terms)

Are there stores near by?
  Yes, please Click Here for a list of Shopping Stores and Locations.

Are there any Restaurants nearby?

Are there any medical services nearby?

What services are provided?
  The house is professionally cleaned prior to your arrival and the pool and garden are tended to weekly.

Who do we contact for questions/emergencies?
  There is a Welcome Book with all answers regarding questions and emergencies when you enter the villa.

Do we pay extra for any of the equipment in the villa?
  Heating the Pool

How do we book?
  Please Email Us for booking details until our website is completed.

Still got questions?
  Email Us: Click Here


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